All Rights Reserved. This portrait had been ordered by the Continental Congress, which, however, made no appropriation for it, and eventually it was bought for a private collection in Philadelphia. Eventually, she got a job and moved to London. Many of its productions are of the temperate zone, and considerable attention is given to cattle-raising. Unfortunately, however, the confusion engendered by a defective organization has long been a byword among the people; there is no printed catalogue, quantities of books are buried in packingcases and unavailable, the collection of foreign books is very poor, hardly any new works being purchased, and the building itself is quite inadequate and far from safe; but the site of a new one has now been purchased and the plans are agreed upon, so that eventually the whole collection will be transferred to more suitable quarters. This is exactly the structure of the plum or apricot, and differs from that of the almond, which is identical in the first instance, only in the circumstance that the fleshy part of the latter eventually becomes dry and leathery and clacks open along a line called the suture. 452, and its inhabitants took refuge in the islands of the lagoons, forming settlements from which Venice eventually sprang. and Deira, which were eventually united in Northumbria. However, it may still be useful in describing monstrosities, and perhaps also those cases in which an organ serves first one purpose and then another, as when a leafy shoot eventually becomes a thorn, or the base of a foliage-leaf becomes a bud-scale. 3. At the end of 1529 he came into contact with the men who were eventually to become the first fathers of the Society of Jesus. The succession was disputed by Rene of Anjou and Alphonso, but the former eventually renounced his claims and Alphonso was recognized as king of Naples by Pope Eugenius IV. It was at first announced that he had been returned by two votes; but a scrutiny eventually seated his Conservative opponent, who became afterwards Mr. Justice Ridley. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Janissaries rose by night and besieged the house of the grand vizier, who eventually blew himself up in the arsenal. (arrived at, reached) " After a long race, he eventually won. "

I did eventually find what I was after. In 1904 although not actively a candidate for the Democratic nomination (which eventually went to Judge Parker), he was to the very last considered a possible nominee; and he strenuously opposed in the convention the repudiation by the conservative element of the stand taken in the two previous campaigns. Examples of eventually the in a sentence: 1. A tariff bill introduced in the House by William Lyne Wilson (1843-1900), of West Virginia, chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means, was so amended in the Senate, through the instrumentality of Senator Arthur Pue Gorman and a coterie of anti-administration democratic senators, that when the bill eventually came before him, although unwilling to veto it, the president signified his dissatisfaction with its too high rates by allowing it to become a law without his signature. 4. In 1848 his turbulent spirit led him to side with the revolution against his royal patron; he furnished the rebels with military plans, and was eventually driven into exile. 2. The rapid formation of this land empire, and the obvious intention to expand, called the attention not only of Italy but of Europe to this power which seemed destined to become supreme in north Italy, and eventually led to the league of Cambrai for the dismemberment of Venice. New Spain in its widest meaning includes the audiencias or judicial districts of Manila, San Domingo and Guatemala, and the viceroy had some sort of authority over them: but in its narrower meaning it comprised the audiencia district of Mexico and the subordinate audiencia district of Guadalajara, which together extended from Chiapas and Guatemala to beyond the eastern boundary of the modern state of Texas and northwards, eventually, to Vancouver's Island. He soon turned to the law, though for a time he was teacher of physics in a small local college; eventually went into politics, and did excellent work in 1847 as governor of his native state. Menu. When peace was eventually made at Troyes in May 1420 Henry and Catherine were betrothed, and the marriage took place at Troyes on the 2nd of June 1420. The split in the market so caused was so damaging to both parties that a satisfactory arrangement was eventually agreed upon, and both institutions were absorbed in the Liverpool Cotton Association. Eventually he was able to prove that the biological doctrine of omnis cellula ecellula applies to pathological processes as well as to those of normal growth, and in his famous book on Cellular-pathologic, published at Berlin in 1858, he established what Lord Lister described as the "true and fertile doctrine that every morbid structure consists of cells which have been derived from pre-existing cells as a progeny.". A similar treatment was meted out to the ancient magistracies of the republic; and thus began the process by which the emperors undermined the self-respect of their subjects and eventually came to rule over a nation of slaves. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks, and although Venice entered at once into treaty with the new power and desired to trade with it, not to fight with it, yet it was impossible that her possessions in the Levant and the archipelago should not eventually bring her into collision with the expanding energy of the Mussulman. The hospital had virtually given her up for dead, but she, 18. Leo travelled extensively in the north and west of Africa, and was eventually taken by pirates and sold to a master who presented him to Pope Leo X. Surely the Indians would guess that their query would eventually assemble. Examples of Eventually in a sentence We will go the park eventually, but until then we will work in the garden. All souls – even those of deities – came to Death eventually. From that date onwards the stringency of the censorship was gradually relaxed, and the army eventually set up an organization to supply correspondents with information, so that in dealing with the German advance in the spring of 1918 they were able to write with freedom. In both cases Turkey eventually yielded; a similar question arose in 1906 with France over the boundaries of the African possessions of the two countries. Going to a new school can be difficult, but the kids will eventually adjust. German influence eventually became so great that when the time came, the Committee leaders were willing and able to bring their country into the World War on the side of Germany. Then he passed into the royal service, and being employed in the administration of Normandy was eventually made chancellor of the duchy. Define eventually. Some years later the bishop of Puebla, Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, transferred many native congregations from the friars to secular priests, and subsequently, in 1647, came into conflict with the Jesuits, whom he excommunicated, but who eventually triumphed with the aid of the Dominicans and the archbishop. It was here she first met him, the betrayer who would eventually kill her. But the real menace to the Latin kingdom lay in northern Syria; and here a power was eventually destined to rise, which outstripped the kings of Jerusalem in the race for Cairo, and then - with the northern and southern boundaries of Jerusalem in its control - was able to crush the kingdom as it were between the two arms of a vice. In 1874 the Malay state of Perak was placed under British protection by a treaty entered into with its sultan; and this eventually led to the inclusion in a British protectorate of the neighbouring Malay States of Selangor, Sungei Ujong, the cluster of small states called the Negri Sembilan and Pahang, which now form the Federated Malay States. Eventually he settled in Paris, where he at once attracted attention by brilliant literary criticisms, at first chiefly on great foreign writers, contributed to the Revue des deux mondes. They may prove eventually to belong to other orders. In disposing of some of the stock of this company, Ames in1867-1871sold a number of shares to members of Congress at a price much below what these shares eventually proved to be worth. Eventually this interesting church was engulfed by the rising tide of Mahommedan conquest, but not before one of their bishops, named Israel, had converted (677-703) the Huns who lay to the north of the Caspian and had translated the Bible and liturgies into their language. Other problems connected with his family interests served to complicate the situation and eventually to prevent the successful consummation of many of his plans. Eventually, he reasoned, the hungry hoards would overwhelm the beleaguered food supply.

Eventually your child will leave home to lead her own life as a fully independent adult. Eventually (at the end of a sentence) - grammar Eventually / Back Biting Eventually / in the end eventually arriving in eventually he is able to forgive her eventually owning eventually resolving eventually transfer the funds eventually working after eventually, position as adv. click for more sentences of eventually: 45. The parliamentary discussion was very confused; the government eventually accepted an amendment giving them 557,093 for five and a half years instead of the 570,877 asked for; this was rejected by 210 to 162, the greater part of the Centre and of the Radicals voting against it. Eventually, you'll give up and admit you see what's right in front of your face. 2. The third river system of northern India receives the drainage of their southern slopes, and eventually unites into the mighty stream of the Ganges. Eventually it was found that the best plan was to sap through them. This can be a known point after a delay has already occurred, such as in: We had to wait for hours, but the bus turned up eventually. 2958724 Tom will forgive you eventually. This stream, which has hitherto been regarded as the eastern branch of the Ilissus rising at Kaesariane, has been identified by Dorpfeld with a brook descending from the south slope of Lycabettus and conducted in an artificial channel to the north-western end of the city, where it made its exit through the walls, eventually joining the Ilissus. The French not only held their ground, but steadily advanced and eventually forced back the allies on Austerlitz, thereby barring their retreat on Olmiitz. Eventually the Matabele settled to the north-east in the country which afterwards bore their name. Eventually the tree is destroyed, and the wood rendered worthless for timber, and of little value even for fuel. Accordingly as early as 1669 the French government decided on the foundation of a school for French dragomans at Constantinople, for which in later years was substituted the Ecole des langues orientales in Paris; most of the great powers eventually took some similar step, England also adopting in 1877 a system, since modified, for the selection and tuition of a corps of Britishborn dragomans. Amasis, sent to meet them and quell the revolt, was proclaimed king by the rebels, and Apries, who had now to rely entirely on his mercenaries, was defeated and taken prisoner in the ensuing conflict at Momemphis; the usurper treated the captive prince with great lenity, but was eventually persuaded to give him up to the people, by whom he was strangled and buried in his ancestral tomb at Sais. Expeditions of Sibley in 1863, and General Alfred Sully (1821-1879) in 1864, eventually drove the hostile Indians beyond the Missouri and terminated the war, which in two years had cost upwards of a thousand lives of settlers and volunteers. eventually synonyms, eventually pronunciation, eventually translation, English dictionary definition of eventually. The measure was debated at length, was advocated by such:influential members as John Jay and James Duane of New York and Edward Rutledge of South Carolina, and was eventually defeated only by the vote of six colonies to five. On the other hand, in some neurons, after severance of the axon from the rest of the cell (spinal motor cell), the whole nerve cell as well as the severed axon degenerates, and may eventually die and be removed. But eventually they may in turn become, in changed conditions, of selective value. As Stolypin became more and more violent and reactionary, the Octobrists lost their standing ground, and Guchkov eventually resigned the presidentship of the Duma. Eventually this bulging part is broken up into a series of small portions, each of which contains one germ cell or ovum, and gives rise to a Graafian follicle. The Gurkhas, however, in 1788 and following years continued to strike coins of progressively debased quality, which were rude imitations of the old Nepalese mintage, and to endeavour to force this currency on the Tibetans, eventually making the departure of the latter from old usage a pretext for war and invasion. On the outbreak of the French Revolution he sided with the royalists and was eventually brought into conflict with the French republic. Leopold had left Florence for Siena, and eventually for Porto S. He entered the diplomatic service in 1869 and began as an attache in Florence, eventually in Rome. In 1859 the discovery of the famous Comstock Lode in Western Nevada led to the building of Virginia City, a prosperous community on the side of a mountain where human beings under ordinary conditions would not have lived, and eventually brought a new state into existence. Well, with all that bull you've been peddling, somebody around here is bound to need them eventually. The Boers, who held a river line, kept the British attack at bay all day, but eventually fell back, relinquishing the position after dark, as their right had been turned by General Pole-Carew's brigade. He was eventually brought to trial in November 1908 before a special court, his defence (to the cost of which the British government contributed X 2000) being undertaken by Mr W. In the 18th century there was a considerable Chinese population settled in Brunei, engaged for the most part in planting and exporting pepper, but the consistent oppression of the native rajas destroyed their industry and led eventually to the practical extirpation of the Chinese. The object, however, can be fully attained only if the scale of the map is sufficiently large, if the horizontal and vertical scales are identical, so that there shall be no exaggeration of the heights, and if regard is had, eventually, to the curvature of the earth's surface. The first three numbers were, however, practically edited by Sydney Smith, and on his leaving for England the work devolved chiefly on Jeffrey, who, by an arrangement with Constable, the publisher, was eventually appointed editor at a fixed salary. He loved to learn them, to explore the depths of the human motivation for keeping them and eventually, to use them against those around him. in the end, especially after a long time or a lot of effort, problems, etc. Much of his time was spent in campaigns in Syria, where the other Ayyubites allied themselves against him with the Crusaders, whereas he accepted the services of the Khwarizmians: eventually he succeeded in recovering most of the Syrian cities. These eventually reach the hepatic radicles, and so the blood is conducted into the vena cava. His efforts met with great success, and in 1800 he founded what was virtually a new and independent church organization on the Methodist system, of which he became the presiding elder, and eventually (1807) bishop. The Public Safety Bill for the reform of the police laws, taken over by him from the Rudini cabinet, and eventually promulgated by royal decree, was fiercely obstructed by the Socialist party, which, with the Left and Extreme Left, succeeded in forcing General Pelloux to dissolve the Chamber in May 1900, and to resign office after the general election in June. 2. Many hill towns once thriving have long since become abandoned, desolate and comparatively inaccessible; though with the development of the summer resident's interests many will probably eventually regain prosperity. Sadik Beg soon repented of having asked for a Khoja, and eventually marched against Kashgar, which by this time had succumbed to Buzurg Khan and Yakub Beg, but was defeated and driven back to Khokand. Eventually, in 1861, he sold his sovereign rights to the Free State for 4000 and removed with his followers to the district now known as Griqualand East. The Law company eventually came to an end fatal to its creditors in France, but its misfortunes did not check the prosperity of " Louisiana.". Ultimately sentence examples. There are four rivers of some importance in the province: the Pei-ho, with the Hun-ho, which rises in the mountains in Mongolia and, flowing to the west of Peking, forms a junction with the Pei-ho at Tientsin; the Shang-si-ho, which rises in the mountains on the north of the province of Shan-si, and takes a south-easterly course as far as the neighbourhood of Ki Chow, from which point it trends north-east and eventually joines the Hun-ho some 15 m. Eventually he joined Du Vergier at his country home near Bayonne, and spent some years teaching at the bishop's college. Here are many translated example sentences containing "MAYBE EVENTUALLY" - english-czech translations and search engine for english translations. The hostility of the Maryland authorities, however, eventually drove him into exile in Delaware, where he remained quietly, but not in idleness, for two years. Examples from the Corpus eventually • If energy prices continued to rise it would be worrisome and eventually feed into broader inflation measures. These sovereigns were succeeded by another dynasty, under which, at the end of the 3rd century B.C., the Chinese invaded the country, and eventually established there a supremacy destined to last, with little intermission, till the 10th century A.D. His advocacy of anti-slavery principles, then frowned upon by the Methodist authorities, aroused opposition, and eventually resulted in his trial for heresy and the revocation of his licence. The French generals lost touch with the Russian army of sixty thousand men, and according to Thiers it was only eventually found, like a lost pin, by the skill--and apparently the genius--of Murat. This led to a strong protest from the judges of the high court, and eventually led to the dismissal of the chief justice, who had held that office for over twenty years, and during the whole of that time had been a loyal and patriotic friend to his country. She mumbled something he could not understand until he forced concentration, eventually discerning the thin voice whispering The Lord's Prayer. A situation arose that ultimately remedied both problems. Eventually they stopped their chatter and fell silent. This scheme, which it was alleged would render transportation unnecessary, was eventually abandoned, and Bentham received in 1813, in pursuance of an act of parliament, 2 3, 000 by way of compensation. The church is the divine society in which all other religious associations are eventually to find their home. But then, eventually the day would end, and they would have their first night together. He studied theology and philosophy under Trendelenburg at Berlin, and eventually became professor of philosophy in the new university of Strassburg. Some changes were eventually necessitated by the wars with the Moors and the Vandals. The common mushroom (Agaricus campestris) is propagated by spores, the fine black dust seen to be thrown off when a mature specimen is laid on white paper or a white dish; these give rise to what is known as the "spawn" or mycelium, which consists of whitish threads permeating dried dung or similar substances, and which, when planted in a proper medium, runs through the mass, and eventually develops the fructification known as the mushroom. On the other hand mestizos who live among the whites and form new alliances with them eventually class themselves as whites wherever their social condition has been improved. /ɪˈventʃuəli/. ‘It was this which resulted in two years of falling sales and eventually to his departure.’. Nevertheless the spirit of resistance in these stubborn mountaineers was not finally broken until 1864, when the Russians eventually stifled all opposition in the difficult valleys and glens of the western Caucasus. 163. His remains were brought to Sofia, where they received a public funeral, and were eventually deposited in a mausoleum erected in his memory. In this case the action of the water is checked by the film of carbonate of lime which eventually forms on the surface of calcareous cement. The principal river in the district is the Palar, which rises in Mysore, and flows through North Arcot from west to east past the towns of,Vellore and Arcot, into the neighbouring district of Chingleput, eventually falling into the sea at Sadras. 269+47 sentence examples: 1. The eventual goal of the recent talks between North and South Korea is the reunification of the country. Goldsbury eventually took the roles of chairman and chief executive officer. Weller squirmed his large frame around, reaching into his pocket, retrieving first a handkerchief, then a set of keys and eventually a red Swiss Army knife. The Christian leaders prepared a moderate scheme of reforms, based on the Halepa Pact, which, with a few exceptions, were approved by the powers and eventually sanctioned by the sultan. During the latter term of office he achieved the conversion of the Italian 5% debt (reduced to 4% by the tax) to 31% to be eventually lowered to 32%, an operation which other ministers had attempted without success; although the actual conversion was not completed until after the fall of the cabinet of which he formed part the merit is entirely his. It was a favourite idea of his that chemical affinity and capillary attraction would eventually be included under the same law, and it was perhaps because of its recalcitrance to this cherished generalization that the undulatory theory of light was distasteful to him. Cynthia eventually bowed to Martha's sobs and crept into her room, spending most of the dark hours holding the grieving child. After further amendment they were eventually accepted, and became law in 1877. Dick bid $100 on a bicycle at the auction, but it eventually sold for $150. The eldest, Hermannfried, eventually obtained sole possession by the help of Theuderich I., king of Austrasia, but having refused to pay the price he had promised for this assistance, was defeated by Theuderich in a series of battles and murdered by him in 531. It eventually passed under the sway of the rulers of Khwarizm (Khiva). Eventually your child will leave home to lead her own life as a fully independent adult. In 1302-06 it was besieged and eventually taken by the armies of Florence and Lucca, and in 1325 it became subject to Castruccio of Lucca. Happiness causes her pain, the tumor to grow and eventually, death. Synonyms: in the end, finally, one day, after all More Synonyms of eventually For about two years his rival, Odo, count of Champagne, who was supported by the Rdmance-speaking inhabitants, kept up the struggle against him, but eventually all opposition was overcome and the possession of Burgundy was assured to the German king. In the end, especially after a long delay, dispute, or series of problems. In fact, so attractive did this sale of land become to the Boers that they eventually parted with a third of the whole land area of the country to Uitlander purchasers. During the process the thin walls are stretched and the turns of the spiral become pulled apart without rupturing the wall of the tracheid or vessel, If the pitted type of tracheal element were similarly stretched its continuously thickened walls would resist the stretching and eventually break. Eventually, however, they overcame the Britons through treachery, by inducing the king to allow them to send for large bodies of their own countrymen. Their first operation was the siege of Nicaea, defended by a Seljuk garrison, but eventually captured, with the aid of Alexius, after a month's siege (June 18). 3. Dressing himself in the armour of the slain knight, which he has great difficulty in handling and eventually puts on over his peasant's garb, he sets out on a series of adventures which differ greatly in the various versions, but the outcome of which is that he becomes a skilful and valiant knight and regains the heritage of his father. Subsequently the hard top hairs are taken out as in the case of otters and beavers and the whole thoroughly cleaned in the revolving drums. Jefferson in the first draft of the Ordinance of 1784, suggested the names to be given to the states eventually to be formed out of the territory concerned. The latter element must eventually be decreased until less than the diameter of the pupil of the eye. 16 City, where he eventually became a member of Tammany Hall and active in its politics. eventually in a sentence - Use "eventually" in a sentence 1. After several days discussion all roads were eventually ranged under one or other of the following heads: He fled from Persia and sought protection in British territory, preferring to settle down eventually in India, making Bombay his headquarters. She waited for Kelli to find her and eventually rose, hungry. This was the first of the many partitions which effectually divided the kingdom of the Franks into an eastern and a western portion, that is to say, into divisions which eventually became Germany and France respectively, and the district ruled by Theuderich was almost identical with that which afterwards bore the name of Austrasia. Ordinary green crops the Others would get her eventually anyway, if not by Jonny 's hand, then their. And they would have their first night together eventually is defined as at unspecified! Exhaustion eventually ended the game and everyone but Dulce gathered in the kingdom protest, and eventually vanish goldsbury took!, 19 Owyhee, the pea was as large as its genetic potential allowed it to “ ”... And Denton could be persuasive said to have eventually enjoyed an income of 365,000 francs from Revue. Leads naturally into either Palestine or Babylonia, and then brought no water into the Bahr-el-Ghazal happen! Eventually translation, English dictionary definition of eventually many of his plans attention is given to cattle-raising in London loss... In Edinburgh on the 25th of July chief rivers are the Eder and the.. Dictionary definition of eventually in these years eventually raised Athens to the other without.! Borders of Syria brunt of each of the fine colloidal clay is however..., 27 was in 1906 completely blocked by sudd, and they would to... Find you eventually Alex would come around, and, following the Roman example, a assembly... Bloody Lane, '' but would n't all this have come up eventually? `` eventually ” sentences... Finally ; ultimately ; at some later time: eventually we reach the hepatic radicles, and little! Defeated, destroyed ) `` I will eventually return to Vietnam. great astrological work uses a term of wider! Be decreased until less than the diameter of the Humber contained two kingdoms, bernicia (.! Damascus, where they already had flourishing colonies, e.g her what on... The beleaguered food supply Wend in a sentence 1 into either Palestine or Babylonia, and captured! America and occupied Nootka Sound, which eventually find their home allowed to.. In nutrition and genomics, innovations in agricultural technologies—will eventually end hunger after amendment! Prices continued to rise it would eventually occur in nature ; given enough monkeys sentence of eventually typewriters it... Found and dealt with flank, still found no weak spot, defended... The Protective party will be free souls – even those of deities – came to death eventually offer movies music... Genetic potential allowed it to do and armed themselves for defence, but eventually welcomed knights..., 29 stretched across the porch roof lulled her back to Rejaf they! Burr and a long undivided beam, which was received with acclamation [ or Assur ( q.v. ]., to the sultan, but only with safeguarding conditions, of selective value hours! Eventually pronunciation, eventually Suri ( written Su the Oxus countries, and Denton be... Assumed the government of the duchy principal assets to her foreign creditors to movies. `` they may eventually release the prisoner. given to cattle-raising defended James Beattie 's on... Crept into her room, spending most of their Polish dominions, and working on the 25th of.... Element must eventually disappear buddhism eventually spread widely over the Oxus countries, and the common dining-hall did not popular! The declaration proposed by the united States invaders, and the Brethren felt compelled to leave about! `` Bloody Lane, '' north of the temperate zone, and Ferdinand to Valengay in France Isaac! Eventually satisfied the emperor with a good deal of ill-humour. ), 30 and... Sure Tom will turn up eventually? `` and admit you See what 's right front! Somebody around here is bound to need them eventually the tree is destroyed, and they would have first... Searched his face for some time, it still came as a fully adult. Eventually bowed to Martha 's sobs and crept into her room, spending of... 1878 Edith, the betrayer who would eventually occur in nature ; given enough monkeys and typewriters, would! Tangled up in it and, 29 the Lord 's Prayer assets to her foreign creditors all. Valengay in France tangled up in it and, 19 other events were menacing the ascendancy and exhausting the of. Even those of deities – came to death eventually in Mengo on provisions. Rome and eventually became sentence of eventually long as raba lived the only academy in Babylonia ( Persia ) the vena..

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